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still overlapping topics

Last post 05-14-2010, 20:24 by Hudsville. 4 replies.
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  •  08-21-2006, 15:52 46718

    still overlapping topics

    I was so glad that finally there is a mobile version for MM6 announced on the official MindManager website.
    When I saw it's the "old" Pocket MindMap I wondered if you finally managed those overlapping topics problem. I bought my license key for Pocket Mindmap already in February 2003 and have been following your product since that day.
    I am very disappointed. I opened a little fresh (29 KB) .mmap file with version And it's still the same: the branches are overlapping each other making a mess out of my map when in map view.
    Am I doing something wrong?
  •  08-21-2006, 15:59 46719 in reply to 46718

    Re: still overlapping topics


    thank you for your feedback.
    No, you don't do anything wrong. The issue with the overlapping topics will be addressed in the next version. In this version we focused on the data structures necessary to exchange mindmaps between MindManager and Pocket Mindmap and to add features to enable the roundtrip between the two products.

    Best Regards,

  •  02-14-2007, 0:21 57928 in reply to 46718

    Re: still overlapping topics

    I was confused by overlapping topics as well, but playing around with it I found a couple of ways to minimize that.  One is to close all the main topics that you are not currently using (just tap the end of the branch line and the topic will close/open).  In the menu selection "tools" you can select "eagles eye view" to see the whole map, but you can't manipulate it, only highlight the area you want to view closer, then click "okay". 

    Another way to minimize overlap while you're working on the whole map, is to drag the lines for the main topics out farther, alternately, so when they are open they will not overlap too badly. 

    You can also isolate each main topic and its children by pressing the stylus on the topic and selecting "promote to map".  That makes a separate view, in its own window, of the topic and its children, with a little red arrow beside the topic name, which, if you click, will return you to the main map.  This adds to the size of the entire file, but for complex maps it is a real help.  I agree, overlapping topics is is one way that Pocket Mindmap is inferior to the parent PC program, and I do hope they design a nice automatic solution for it in the next version.

    Aleta Karstad
    Bishops Mills Natural History Centre
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  •  06-15-2009, 14:29 121310 in reply to 57928

    Re: still overlapping topics

    I am horribly disappointed. Two years later, two years !, this bug is always here : in a lot of my maps topics are overlapping.

    With this issue not corrected, I can't use the software as a mindmap software, but only as an outliner compatble with MindManager. Of course, this is useful, but I was hopping more of the new release.

    Regards, Fabien

  •  05-14-2010, 20:24 140764 in reply to 121310

    Re: still overlapping topics

    I purchased Pocket Mindmap recently and find that topics in maps on my HTC Touchpro2 overlap, making the map illegible. Mindmanger Mobile did not do this.

    'Sorting out' each map takes a long time.  I have nearly 100 maps as have been using Mindmaps for many years.

    During this process it is very easy to detach a subtopic from the 'spagetti' of overlapping topics and sub-topics, but there does not seem to be an 'undo' that I can find to enable the replacement of such detached items.

    The Eagle's view is of little use for a large map, interactive zooming does not seem to be possible, and not being able to access maps stored in sub-sub folders is a nonesense.

    All in all I am very disappointed with this software; despite some excellent features, the basics are very unsatisfactory.

    It seems I have purchased a mobile outlining application.

    When will these issues be resolved please?


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