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Problems with purchasing online

Last post 05-28-2008, 14:15 by ianchattaway. 7 replies.
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  •  02-01-2008, 12:12 82229

    Problems with purchasing online

    I bought and paid for pocketmindmap online three weeks ago and have still not received a licence key by e-mail.
    HBB will not reply to repeated e-mails and there is no telephone contact. Why is the support so bad?
  •  02-01-2008, 12:27 82230 in reply to 82229

    Re: Problems with purchasing online


    We got your emails and replied. We sent the license key out three times. Have you had a look in your spam folder?
    If you can't find the license key there, can you please provide an alternate email address or a fax number?
    Can you add support@pocketmindmap.com to your white-list?
    I also can send you your license key by posting a private message to you in this forum. Would this be OK?

    Email communication isn't reliable these times :-(

    Best Regards

    Jutta Klebe
    JKRB Software

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  •  02-01-2008, 12:30 82231 in reply to 82229

    Re: Problems with purchasing online

    Hi partidajon,

    we send three answers to you, maybe your SPAM-filter is a little bit to busy ;-)

    Please, try to take a look.... If you do not find there anything, please, be so kind and give us a different emailaddress. We got your emails, so just send an email with the new emailaddress or a fax number (and do not send it to the forum).

    The support is nearly 24/7 online and awaits your email.

    Clemens Dillmann - HBB

    Connecting Worlds!
  •  02-01-2008, 23:46 82269 in reply to 82229

    Re: Problems with purchasing online

    I am such an idiot - I found it in the spam filter on the Yahoo Server!!! Your other e-mails came straight through to my computer - but not that one
    Software works great - fantastic product worth the wait!! Sorry for hte trouble

  •  05-28-2008, 13:51 91559 in reply to 82269

    Re: Problems with purchasing online

    I paid for my copy of PMM on 01 February 2008. It is now 28 May 2008 and I still have not received a key.  I have made a number of requests by email.  I have checked my Yahoo SPAM filter (1324 items currently sitting in it) and my Outlook Junk Mail filter.  I do not have a message from the support desk.


    Unlike partidajon - if I did have a message in my SPAM filter I would not apologise to a business that clearly has a problem with its communications being identified as SPAM and does nothing to rectify the problem.


    This forum is my last hope of receiving a Key before I take steps to recover my payment.


    PMM looks a great product (from what I remember of the trial) – but buying it has been my most dismal internet purchase ever.


    Get your act together HBB it’s time to earn the ‘Datenkommunikation’ in the company name.


    PS - I recieved the original order confirmation OK, and the email with the password to this forum.  Hmmm. 


  •  05-28-2008, 14:06 91561 in reply to 91559

    Re: Problems with purchasing online


    I have just sent out the license key again. If you don't get the license key in a few minutes, please post again in this forum. I will then send you the license key via private message. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Best Regards,

    Jutta Klebe
    JKRB Software

  •  05-28-2008, 14:12 91563 in reply to 91559

    Re: Problems with purchasing online

    Hi Ian,

    Good to hear that you think that PMM may be a great product!

    And now we will help you that you can be sure of that ;-)

    First of all, we didn't get any mail from you regarding the missing key. Maybe YOUR email went straight into our SPAM... I personally get over 3000 emails per day that go this way... But now we know about your problem and you will get the key as soon as possible like nearly 10.000 other users before.

    But please! Control your SPAM folder as well, since we do not know ALL about the different SPAM-filters... it may happen from time to time that our message with the kay will be stored there. We'll send the key as soon as possible, but in every case in the next hours.




    Connecting Worlds!
  •  05-28-2008, 14:15 91564 in reply to 91561

    Re: Problems with purchasing online

    Key recieved within 18 minutes of posting in this forum.  Email arrived from support@pocketmindmap.de with no SPAM filter problems.

    Product activated OK thank you. 

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