JKRB Beta Program

Welcome to the public Beta Program for JKRB Software. Strong customer demands lead us to the decision to create this program. Many people want to take part in the fine tuning and bug fixing process which is at its top levels during the beta phase of a development effort. In early beta phases the software may not even be code complete, which means that there is still missing functionality or functionality that is subject to change. It is also very likely that the documentation is still incomplete and buggy. JKRB Software makes sure that the stability of the software is very high, at least for the primary testing platform. This means that not all platforms that are supported in the finished and released product may be able to run the software in early beta phases.

If you decide to take part on a public beta program, please make sure you have good backups of you system and all your data. Beta software may crash you system with the result of data loss. We strongly recommend that you never use beta software in a productive environment!

A word on performance of beta software: The beta code is not optimized and contains a lot of debugging and debugging supporting code. This reduces performance very strong. Please do not use beta software for benchmarking or to evaluate the performance of the software in terms of speed and size.


In this area you can find betas of the next version of Pocket Mindmap.