Desktop Strategy

Pocket Mindmap is a powerful application for mobile use. Due to the nature of mobile devices and their user interface, they are as usable as a notepad for taking notes, and it is far more useful when it comes to (re)order and structure your notes or communicate them to other people.

Their export capabilities even allow you to use the information for presentational purposes very easy. However, there is still time to spend on a full-blown Workstation (a.k.a. Desktop PC). Using Mind Mapping on it is very powerful too. Current desktop applications for Mind Mapping are very sophisticated and powerful packages. Combining the power of both worlds is what we want with Pocket Mindmap. An ideal picture would be a seamless integration – working with your Mindmap documents on the Pocket PC and, after transferring them to the desktop, working on the same files with the desktop application.


There are several ways to achieve this to different degrees of integration:


1.      By creating powerful Import and Export functionality to support file formats or a common format to interchange data.

2.      Build in support of the native file format of the desktop software into Pocket Mindmap.


The current version of Pocket Mindmap supports both of this ways. It directly supports the file format of Mindjet’s Mind Manager – no format conversion required. In addition, the native file formats of Pocket Mindmap is an xml based format, which is easy to integrate into solutions by application programmers.



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