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Pocket Mindmap - A Tour (12/19)

Outline View (Part 1)

To view your mindmap as a outline select "Outline View" from the "Map" menu in the main menu bar. This view displays the current mindmap in a tree view. It is a peer to the Map View. You can create new topics or edit a title in-place (see picture 1). Using the pop-up menu you have additional functionality like the text export or the export as an HTML file. This file can be opened with Microsoft WordŽ (not Pocket Word) and can be edited in the outline view as the topics are formatted as headings.

The text created during the text export is placed on the clipboard and an can be pasted in a email or in a word document.

You have nearly the same menu functions as in the Map View.

Picture 1: Create a new Topic

Picture 2: Context menu of a Task

Picture 3: Context menu of a Topic

Picture 4: Context menu of a Info Icon

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