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Pocket Mindmap - A Tour (17/19)


IncFinder is one of the most powerful features of Pocket Mindmap when it comes to navigating larger Maps or finding Topics that are hidden in Maps or Submaps. IncFinder uses the incremental search approach to display a list of matching Topics combined with a one click warp to the destination.

That means, whenever you click on a Topic displayed in the IncFinders result list, the map display immediately displays that Topic within its map context. IncFinder takes care to make the Topic visible in its map context, regardless of the expansion state of the Topic or whether it is hidden in a deep Submap structure. This way you can easily see if the found item is the one you were looking for. You can even perform other operations in the mind map, like panning or editing Topics, while the result set is still open. Or you can close the result set window and reopen it without loosing the content. Using this strategy you can visit a Topic in the result list, do some work there and move on to the next one. It just takes a few keystrokes.

To activate IncFinder, you just type a colon on the keyboard (or SIP) of your PDA and the results-window opens up in the lower left part of your screen. Initially it shows you a list of Topics which is the result of the currently defined filter. The filter can be defined in the Task List of Pocket Mindmap, or by pressing Ctrl-F when the IncFinder window is open. Note that IncFinder and the Task List share the current filter definition.

To close and reopen the IncFinder window, use the TAB key. If you open the IncFinder with the TAB key, the last result set is displayed. If you open it with the colon key, the state of the IncFinder is reset and the current filter result is displayed.

Picture 1: IncFinder in action: typing t o p a

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