What's new in Pocket Mindmap

XSLT Export and Import (Windows Mobile 5 or newer)

Using XSLT scripts you can extend the export and import functions of Pocket Mindmap by yourself. Some sample scripts will be installed with Pocket Mindmap like export and import of FreeMind files and some HTML export scripts.

Note: This is only available on devices with Windows Mobile 5 or newer.

Adjust Line Color on Map Level

Additionally to the background color now the color of the lines connecting the topics can also be adjusted. Also there is a new option to hide the lines from the root topic of the map to the first level topics.

Growth direction of Floating Topics

In the current version the growth direction of a Floating Topics’ children is independent from the position of the Floating Topic (right side or left side of the root topic). This behavior can now be changed to allow the children growing to the left side (or outwards) if the Floating Topic is on the left side of the root topic.

Support of the G-Sensor of the HTC Touch Diamond2

After the HTC Touch HD now also the HTC Touch Diamond2: Pocket Mindmap can change the display orientation using the G-Sensor.

Note: It may work on other devices as well, but it is only tested on the HTC Touch HD and on the HTC Touch Diamond2.

Bug fixes

·         The topic text wasn’t saved when working in outline view

·         When creating a new Mindmap the work time calendar wasn’t initialized.

·         Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.

You can find the new version in the download area.

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