What's new in 1.3.4

Support for Mindjet MindManager® 8

This version now supports also the new task and project management features of Mindjet MindManager® 8.

Task Dependencies

Using references with dependency types you can now manage projects from Pocket Mindmap. The start and finish dates of the connected tasks will be calculated accordingly.


Pocket Mindmap now supports the MPX format for the export to Microsoft Project.

Task Roll Up

This feature was previously known as State Inheritance. Beside the name change it has been improved in this version.

Simple Tasks

Simple Tasks have no progress but only the state open or completed. This makes it possible to mark them completed with one tap.

Support for alternative PIMs

Pocket Mindmap now supports the following alternative PIM applications to display task or contact information:

·         Agenda Fusion

·         Pocket Informant

Moveable Splitter in Outline View

You can modify the height of the text window by tapping with the stylus in the area between the tree view and the text window and dragging the stylus up and down.

Send email to resources

If a task resource has an email address, you can send an email using the context menu of the resource magic symbol.

Show Contact details

After importing a contact as resource, you can open the contact details from the resource property sheet.

Scale Symbols (only for High DPI devices)

When using a high DPI device, the symbols may be very small. By default the symbols now will be scaled and the connection lines will be drawn a bit stronger.

Gradient Background for Topics

On devices using Windows Mobile 2003 and above the background of the topics can have a gradient.

Support of the G-Sensor of the HTC Touch HD

If you own a HTC Touch HD: Pocket Mindmap can now adjust the display orientation using the G-Sensor.

Note: It may work on other devices as well, but it is only tested on the HTC Touch HD.

Bug fixes

·         The default filter settings in the Add Multiple dialog were wrong.

·         In the English or Japanese version of Pocket Mindmap some dialogs were in German.

·         Fixed the bug with the "Show branch alone" setting with Mindjet MindManager 7.

·         The task checkbox on topics linking to a submap was not visible.

·         In some cases the task checkbox was numeric even if the option "Show numeric priority in tasks" was not set.

·         Fixed the problem with references, due to a not explicitly defined line width in Mindjet MindManager maps.

·         Fixed some problems with category and map filter in the Task List.

You can find the new version in the download area.

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